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    Network Services and Support

    Networking for small and medium business
    Setup, support and maintenance for your new or existing network.
    We specialise in Microsoft Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2012 R2, 2008 R2 and Server Essentials.
    New Zealand legal software specialists - Infinitylaw.

  • Adrock Software - BYTE Computer and Software Ltd

    Computer Sales and Servicing

    Sales and servicing for your business
    Supply of business quality hardware backed by professional support.
    Our low overheads and 29 years of proven business experience = your low Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Adrock Software - BYTE Computer and Software Ltd

    Website Services

    Website design and hosting
    We provide full website development and hosting.
    Website compatiblity for: IE11, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Google Chrome.
    External hosting services with pure HTML and CSS and Content Management System (CMS) providers - DNN and WordPress.

  • Adrock Software - BYTE Computer and Software Ltd

    E-mail Services

    Professional e-mail hosting
    Microsoft Exchange Server email hosting onsite or external hosting on Office 365 or Google Mail for your domain.
    Real-time e-mail synchronisation on computer, notebook, tablet and phone devices.
    We recommend and support Office 365 and Google Docs cloud based services.

  • Adrock Software - BYTE Computer and Software Ltd

    Other Services

    Programming: Custom software development with Microsoft Visual Studio
    Database: SQL Server database development
    Partners: We also partner with several third-party providers from around the world, including; backup MX mail services, advanced data recovery, on-site hardware warranties and many more.

    We'll ensure you get a fully supported complete business solution

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New website
6 Jun 2019 
 We have a new website currently under development.  Expected to be live, Aug 2019 (It's been a while! :-) )
200+ date functions
1 Jun 2019 - 17 years later and we still get email about our date functions.  

Please... just download 'em here (46KB).  You can quickly adapt them to any language.

I guess you need to know when Easter holiday weekend is huh - yeah, us too! :) ....
Function TAdrockDates.ReturnEasterSunday(Year : Word) : TDateTime;
  century, G, I, J, K, L, EasterMonth, EasterDay : Integer;
  fYear, fMonth, fDay : Word;
  DecodeDate(Now, fYear, fMonth, fDay);
  if (Year <> 0) then
    fYear := Year;
  Century := fyear div 100;
  G := fyear mod 19;
  K := (Century - 17) div 25;
  I := (Century - Century div 4 - (Century - K) div 3 + 19*G + 15) mod 30;
  I := I - (I div 28)*(1 - (I div 28)*(29 div (I + 1))*((21 - G) div 11));
  J := (fYear + fYear div 4 + I + 2 - Century + Century div 4) mod 7;
  L := I - J;
  EasterMonth := 3 + (L + 40)div 44;
  EasterDay := L + 28 - 31*(EasterMonth div 4);
  Result := EncodeDate(fYear, EasterMonth, EasterDay);

We have over 29 years experience dealing with small businesses.  We know how difficult it is choosing how to spend money on your IT needs.  Just identifying IT needs can be a daunting task today with differing solutions -  should you be investing in the cloud, what about security, what's the best way to backup your data, what sort of server will you need (if any) to perform now and into the future, how far into the future - the list seems endless. 

Contact us to find out how we'll help you identify your IT requirements and provide a seamless integrated IT solution to best fit your budget and start saving you money.

  • Hardware sales and support - servers, workstations and notebooks (laptops)

  • Network systems and analysis - setup, maintenance and support

  • Network and Server security - internet and wireless security

  • Small Business Server installation, setup and support - Exchange Server e-mail configuration and support and e-mail hosting

  • Business website and domain name service and hosting solutions

Adrock Software - Borland Delphi Components

We still get enquiries for our Borland Delphi programmer components decades after we stopped writing them!  Thank-you!
We will continue to make our Delphi components available to you for as long as possible.  And we will continue to provide them for free! - as in beer!  Please ignore the licensing information at the top of the .pas source code files - the Adrock Delphi components are offered to you for free and to use in whatever way you wish.
18 Nov 2010 - Download links to files are now available on our Delphi Components page.

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