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Free - as in beer

Our components are now released as freeware, but we have to pick a licensing model so you know where you stand.

We've chosen the MIT license (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as we believe this is the most open model.  So you are free to use our code with other open source code, proprietary code, or mixed with both.

Read the MIT license - this license replaces our license text at the top of all the source code files (.pas) and our Help files.

Read a comparison of open source licenses here.

All our Delphi Components include full source code
Our Adrock Delphi components are zipped executable installers.  Delphi V1 through V6 folders, source code folders and help file folders are created.  If you have any queries please do contact us - however we no longer use Delphi - it's not even installed - so support is very limited.  You have the source - may the source be with you - good luck Luke!
Adrock Software - Borland Delphi Components Download
Adrock Date
Adrock DateTime Suite4,
Background Form Painter Component1,
Gradient Fill
Message Dialog Component1,
Save Form Position
Save Grid Layout
Adrock Software – Borland Delphi Components
Delphi was a revolutionary product when it was first introduced by Borland. It was a step up from what was back then, Microsoft’s Visual Basic environment. There have been many frameworks introduced over the years to encapsulate the Microsoft Windows API – but with Delphi, it was different. And it was better and easier to understand, follow and use. The term RAD (Rapid Application Development) had already been coined, but Delphi made it true – they made it happen.

We used Delphi from V1 through V4. And then, at about that time, Microsoft stepped up to the mark again with a re-write of their main application development environment – and released Microsoft Visual Studio – which we still use to this day. Along with Visual Studio, Microsoft released a new ‘framework’, called .NET. And Visual Studio is available in a number of ‘flavours’ and languages. But the main difference was that VS was yet another step up from products like Delphi – introducing a whole set of new cool features – that, at the end of the day, make RAD even more R.

But in its day, Delphi was a wonderful (RAD) programming tool. And cool products are still made in Delphi, such as Skype – the popular IM client.

Adrock Software produced a number of cool programmer tools – components – that helped make developers’ lives easier. “Re-inventing the wheel” is something programmers commonly find themselves doing. We produced a range of Delphi components – and did them the Delphi way – from a ground-up approach – building a component on a framework. An excellent starting point is the Message Dialog component (AdMessageDialog).
Date Functions
Adrock Date Functions Class Info

The Adrock Date class is included in the DateTime Suite!

The Adrock Date Class contains around 200 date and time functions that you can use in your Delphi programs.

Just add to your USES clause (USES AdDate).




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